Your Freedom from Diabetes is Our Mission

RAAD is a robust framework for self-management of diabetes and other related conditions, such asobesity, prediabetes and cardiometabolic diseases that is based on CDC-recognized diabetes preventionprogram (DPP) and diabetes self-management education and support program.



This program adopts an all-encompassing approach to your health, addressing you as a complete individual and not just your condition. The objective is to help those living with diabetes achieve a remission and lower their A1C to 6% or less.

One on One Consultations

Four 45-minute telecommunication wellness sessions per month for a total of 12 sessions.

Caring Support

Continuous support through email and text between sessions.

Education, Coaching and Guidance

Comprehensive education for diabetes self-management, including nutritional advice and more.

Wellness Plan
Benefits include:
Tailored realistic goals
Create optimal vision
Weekly sessions with caring
For ideal weight and AIC
Knowledgeable coaches
Long lasting transformation
Remove mental blocks and
Continues support from
Distructive lifestyle
Caring staff and coaches
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With this program, we aim to create a vision of your optimal life, set realistic and personalized goals, discover and eliminate obstacles, and introduce impactful tools and strategies that catalyze true, long-lasting transformation.

Extended Consultations

Four 60-minute telecommunication weight loss sessions per month, culminating in a total of 24 sessions.

Get Unstuck, Make Progress

Personalized goal-setting and block-dissolving strategies.

Transformative Tools & Techniques

Powerful tools and techniques for lasting inner transformation.

Wellness Plan
Your Target Outcomes:
Better blood sugar control.
Better sleep quality
Reduced weight,
Boosted energy & mood
Lessen Obesity
Lower cholestrol levels
Better insulin sensitivity
Continues support from
Improved body strenght
Caring staff and coaches
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Nutrition Counseling or Medical Nutrition Therapy

Our complimentary nutrition counseling is an integral part of both diabetes self-management education and our weight loss program. By assessing your unique needs and nutritional goals, we can determine where changes are required to enhance your overall health.

Initial assessment of unique needs like health condition, food habits, and nutrition goals.
This service can be a part of the diabetes self-management education and weight loss program or as a standalone service.


Our Signature Diabetes Program

RAAD provides a systematic and signature approach to reversing Type 2 diabetes and combatting obesity. With our dedicated wellness programs, we're determined to guide you through your health journey to achieve remission, reduce your A1C levels, and improve your overall well-being.


We understand that Type 2 diabetes is a genetically predisposed disease influenced by diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors, often seen in individuals with a family history of diabetes.


Obesity is marked by excessive accumulation of body fat, resulting from overeating, lack of exercise, genetics, and environmental aspects. It profoundly impacts ones health notably, Type 2 diabetes.